Sarah Cook, one of the moderators of the CRUMB New Media Curating email list has invited DIWOists to share some reflections on the project.. here's our thread thus far...


>>Sarah cook wrote:

In the meantime, perhaps someone from http can tell us how the
opening of Do It With Others (Open Curation) went last night? I am
curious about this model of exhibition making - where subscribers
have a say (a bit like fans being asked to program the next All
Tomorrow's Parties festival?) - does collaborative filtering create

A blank DVD

I have been entrusted by the diwo collaborative curators to put together the moving image bit. I've agreed to select around 40 contributions which will be burned onto a dvd and shown on a monitor in the space. I will come up with some sort of cogent explanation for my selection and perhaps include that explanation with the films. Or not. We'll see.. I've seen most everything once before, but at this point, I've really no idea what the organising principle will be...

watch this space... (and the monitor from Thursday!)

DIWO co-curation

On 26/2/07 11:12, "Ruth Catlow" wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> During the Do It With Others (DIWO) E-Mail-Art co-curation event,
> fruit, crisps and Portugese custard tarts were eaten. The spirit and
> philosophy of DIWO e-mail-art was discussed, work was reviewed,
> technology was wrestled with, objects were moved around HTTP Gallery;
> all accompanied by a steady stream of chat.
> The idea was that any of the subscribers to the NetBehaviour list
> could contribute to the curation of the upcoming DIWO exhibition at
> HTTP (which opens this Thursday!) by attending the gallery or joining


University of DIWO

Gigga-byte; or, DIWO Interaction

A week left before the exhibition goes up, though there's still lots more DIWOing to be done, even after that! Here's some encouragement to get some collaboration up in da hizzy...

On 2/14/07, james@jwm-art.net wrote:

Yo Dogz,

Wit tha DIWO project I'd personally hoped and/or expected ta see mizzy
exchange of components, sum-m sum-m mizzle toward an open source
develizzle model (yawn), shot calla thiznan, on tha whole, settl'n fo`
accumulizzle up (of which I'm just as guillty).

But say'n thizzis, there's tha problem of different computa platforms
in use, Windows, Linux, Mac, maybe even motherfucka (factoid: an amiga


In a most interesting turn of events, in the small hours of this morning, a very clever DIWOist devised a most cunning means of evaluating DIWO posts.. STAMPS! We all love stamps, it's just so satisfying to stamp the stamp on the pad and then stamp the stamp on the paper. The DIWO William Hogarth stamps are released in celebration of the William Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain in London. How very timely! Fun for the whole family! Let's get STAMPING!

The full DIWO William Hogarth stamp set includes:

Feral Rhythm


From: Clive McCarthy
Reply-To: Clive McCarthy , NetBehaviour for networked distributed creativity
Date: Fri, 9 Feb:03:26 -0800
Subject: [NetBehaviour] die laughing


Reply-To: NetBehaviour for networked distributed creativity
Date: Fri, 09 Feb:18:52 -0100


So far for DIWOists, it seems "doing it with others" means primarily remixing other peoples (or their own) contributions in various ways. I wonder whether what other ways there might be of interpreting the "with" in DIWO.

Following on from yesterdays linguistics lesson, I typed "with" into a few online synonym dictionaries, with kind of odd results.

Try it here

and here

Why do you think that is? What do we mean by "with"?

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