please could we have more of this??

ohhh, here's what happens:1)click reply:2)write reply:3)upload img
respnse:4)click send:5)click stop loading page:6)click back:7)remove
creativity from netbehaviour email address:8)click send:9)recieve post
from list minus attachment:10)write this:11)promise always to remember
this:12)post this:13)FUCKing forgot to remove creativity from
netbehaviour email address:14)dahhhhhh.

snail mail

Monday, 5 Feb
Posts: 61
Posters: 17
avg posts per poster: 3.59


five more

Sun, 4 Feb
Posts: 42
Posters: 14
Avg posts per poster: 3

The five:

DIWO fractal beta replay 1/2 (and thread)

Ongoing image-battle

DIWO Manifesto #1 (Is this the manifesto!?!? Any other contenders???)

Five a day

Where to begin! A busy weekend for me + a busy weekend for DIWO= a bit of difficulty drawing together anything too coherent. So.. I think for now I'll give some stats, pick out some of my favourite postings thus far..

DIWO thus far...

Thurs, 1 Feb
Posts: 25
Posters: 13
avg posts per poster: 1.92

Fri, 2 Feb
Posts: 125
Posters: 17
avg posts per poster: 7.35
New rule: Upload Limit 200k
New rule: Limit to 12 contributions per person per day

Sat, 3 Feb
Posts: 83
Posters: 20
avg posts per poster: 4.15

What all that tells us, I'm not yet sure, but it'll contribute to some very nice graphs, which I enjoy.

And we're off...


Here we go folks.. DIWO has been off the ground for just under 9 hours now, and it's already so much fun I'm worried that February 07 might well be the least productive month of my life. But that's cool... Doing It With Others already seems to have inspired list lurkers and regulars alike (not that I'd be able to say who was who!), and reports have it that we've got 8 new subscriptions in the last hour or so, so this, my friends, is a big deal!

I've already got too many highlights to mention, but I suppose the one I'd most like to flag up is the very first (2nd actually.. James got his really fantastic drawings in even before it was launched.. sneaky sneaky.. but the first offical..):

Open Call for Contributions

Do It With Others (DIWO): E-Mail-Art at NetBehaviour

An E-Mail-Art project on the NetBehaviour email list culminating in an exhibition at the HTTP Gallery in London.

Open Call for contributions from 31st January to 28th February 2007
via NetBehaviour email list: Subscribe here Netbehaviour Subscription
Exhibition at HTTP Gallery, London : HTTP Gallery

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