Five a day

Where to begin! A busy weekend for me + a busy weekend for DIWO= a bit of difficulty drawing together anything too coherent. So.. I think for now I'll give some stats, pick out some of my favourite postings thus far..

DIWO thus far...

Thurs, 1 Feb
Posts: 25
Posters: 13
avg posts per poster: 1.92

Fri, 2 Feb
Posts: 125
Posters: 17
avg posts per poster: 7.35
New rule: Upload Limit 200k
New rule: Limit to 12 contributions per person per day

Sat, 3 Feb
Posts: 83
Posters: 20
avg posts per poster: 4.15

What all that tells us, I'm not yet sure, but it'll contribute to some very nice graphs, which I enjoy.

Ok.. my favourite posts/threads (five a day):


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(and thread including ...)

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DIWO: Proposal for Galapagos Tortoise Messaging Network (and thread)

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diwo: Used up human energy (and thread)

DIWO: 134 Contrails

five-a-day for sun and today later...