Gigga-byte; or, DIWO Interaction

A week left before the exhibition goes up, though there's still lots more DIWOing to be done, even after that! Here's some encouragement to get some collaboration up in da hizzy...

On 2/14/07, wrote:

Yo Dogz,

Wit tha DIWO project I'd personally hoped and/or expected ta see mizzy
exchange of components, sum-m sum-m mizzle toward an open source
develizzle model (yawn), shot calla thiznan, on tha whole, settl'n fo`
accumulizzle up (of which I'm just as guillty).

But say'n thizzis, there's tha problem of different computa platforms
in use, Windows, Linux, Mac, maybe even motherfucka (factoid: an amiga
visited mah site last week) spittin' that real shit.

Anyway whizzay I can provide in this regard is tha blingin' (all open
source software based) n shit:

*** Images in tha GIMP's native fizzle format so laya is available fo`

*** GIMP mathmap plugin expression (already posted) fo' real. ***
Scalable Vector Graphics (svg) of some visual pieces.

*** .med files fo` tha MUSE audio/midi gangsta . Dogg House Records in
the motha fuckin house.

*** a sound bizzay of instruments created fo` tha software synth
ZynAddSUbFX, whiznich grows wit every audio piece I make keep'n it
real yo.

*** Hydrogen Drum Machine patterns (where applicable).

*** Ardour Hard Dizzay Pimp sessions - minus tha actual audio, but
rout'n of audio channels, fx, buses, would be intact sho nuff.

*** perhaps mp3's of seperate audio channels fizzy Ardour.

Pleaze don't T-H-to-tha-izzink tha only reason I'm spendin' this is
coz I think mah shiznit is so bootylicious that everyone should use it,
it's more `bout tha potential ta see how drug deala thugz would makes
different artistic choices given tha same raw materials fo shizzle.

Any otha thoughts `bout DIWO interaction so far?

James hittin that booty.